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We want to remember the good times with family and friends who are no longer with us.

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--Doug B
--Darrell Cecil (1969)
--Mary Alice French Surber (2006)
Great Gal.
--Peggy Gray Stone
--Charles Lucas (2006)
My sister went to the funeral of Charles Lucas last week and also going to prayers for a classmate of hers (grad-1958-59) James Eppling tonight... Also remember in your prayers Ralph Thompson, husband of Carol Bradley-Thompson, Ralph is very bad with cancer, Carol is one of the graduation class of 1957.
--Phillip Meadows
--Mary Alice Richardson (2003)
Wrong spelling of name
--Andrea St clair
--LaVerne { Surratt

--Osby (Riffe) Ball (Jan 13, 2009)
Mrs Osby (Riffe) Ball was born Apr 11th, 1912 at Rock Camp, WV. Her obituary states that she was a member of the first graduating class of Narrows High School in 1932.

--Ralph D. Hale (February 14, 2008)

--Elzada French French (1992)
My mother was raised on Wolf Creek along with her Brother Kenneth L French and sister Becky French. They are gone now but all went to Narrows High. I have found memories of summers and visted the area last summer

--L. Donald Mottesheard (May 2, 2007)
Don Mottesheard can truly be described as one of the good guys. He will forever be missed. m.w.
--Mariel Wilkinson (January 29, 2010)
--M.L. Wilkinson (29 January 2010)
Mariel Lee Wilkinson, a man comfortable in his own skin! The last of three wonderful brothers that God blessed me with on this earth is now relishing in the sights and sounds of heaven! And, Iím sure the company of Jack and Bud! While Budís love of the past, as Mariel so lovingly memorialized him at his passing, was truly befitting him, Marielís great memory of things long ago that he compiled into stories will also be revered by those who knew him. His inquisitive mind and keen interest in all things covered a vast field of topics, making him a great conversationalist. And injecting a bit of humor in the mix, delightful! How Mariel enjoyed and looked forward to your chats. All these things we will miss but will be forever ingrained in our memories of my brother, ML. Joyce

--Clarence Fredrick Nunley (July 16, 2008)

--Donald Willis Brookman (Dec 21, 1996)
Don was an exceptional athlete and an exceptional friend. He had a smile for everyone he met.
--John Alven Jennings (July 1988)
John was a good friend and a great football player.
--Jack E, Wilkinson (1998)
Retired as M/Sgt after 22 years service with U.S. Air Force. Passed away of bone marrow cancer in Forsythe General Hospital, Winston-Salem,N.C. The Air Force was his life.

--Carlton Lee Berg (Feb 25, 2006)
Carlton "Shorty" to his many friends had the following said about him in his '50 Yearbook. "The worst of doing nothing is that you can't stop and rest". He was one of a few who married their High School Sweethearts and it lasted for more than 50 years.
--Melvin Leroy French (April 3, 2004)
In school it was said of Melvin: "It isn't whether you win or lose but how you play the game"
--Ruby Kinney (Balarzs) (May 29, 2009)
Ruby was a wonderful classmate. Always to be remembered.
--Bob Lloyd2008 (2008)
Bob and I were dear friends in high school. I will always remember him with best of memories. He was a true gentleman. Mickey Hudson Costa, class of '49.
--Jane Porter (May 2000)
Jane's married name was Andrews. She was a true friend in High School and remained one throughout her life time. (LHW)

--Loretta (Broyles) Ratcliff (Apr 5, 2006)
--Ronnie Beamer
Ronnie was a good football player, and more importantly a good and close friend.
--Julian Beamer (Bef. 1991)
A fun guy to be around.
--Aubrey {Jack} Davis (April 2000)
Kind, friendly, a true friend.
--Sidney Freeman (Sept 28,1996)
There were so many things to like about Sid. Very loyal, great friend
--Eddie Gautier (Feb. 7, 2000)
Very good all-around athlete. Good at any sport.
--William Hare (September 1950)
United States Army PFC William Hensel Hare, 36th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, Killed in Action with hostile forces on the Battlefields of Korea, 11 September 1950. Our 1951 yearbook carried the following with Photo: The happiness of the memories of this yearbook is again marred by the loss of one of our classmates. The principles which we hold dear must be upheld by the loyal members of society. They have dared to preserve this belief in order that the rest of us may complete our education and live as a free people. When now and in years to come, you turn the pages of this book, we know you will pause to the memory of one of the Class of 1951 who dared to take this stand for our preservation. In appreciation for the one who will not be privileged to march in the graduation processional but who gave his life fighting for this cause on the battlefields of Korea, September 5, 1950, (Casualty Lists on the Internet reflect the date of September 11, 1950 as date Killed in Action), and as a final tribute to him we dedicate this yearbook of 1951 to Billy Hensel Hare and know that it will be more deeply cherished because of his sacrifice and the memories he has left with us, his classmates of Narrows High School of the Class of 1951. (Memories of my friendship with Billy are strong and forever lingering in the recesses of my mind. His was truly the ultimate sacrifice. Mert Weikel, NHS '51)
--Dennis Maxey (March 13, 1997)
--Barbara Ann McClaugherty (Jan 9, 2009)
Barbara was a lovely girl with a heart of pure gold. She will be missed.
--Herbert 'Herb' Carroll Nunley (July 12, 2005)
Its Aug 2008 and I just found out about Herb's passing. The 51 yearbook says of him: "The guy who takes life easy and has no regrets." I am so sorry he is gone. mw
--Denny Pruitt (May 1985)
Great person to be around.
--Vergie Roach (April 5, 1991)
A very nice person.
--Harry Gene Shrader (1965)
A solid, down to earth, person.
--Maryanna Stafford (August 16, 2008)
My aunt, "Tee Hee" Maryanna Stafford Woody, died after a brief illness at Blue Ridge Hospice in Winchester, Virginia. She is survived by her husband of 44 years, William Woody; sister-in-law, Lee Stafford of Hudson, Ohio; niece Susan Stafford Dilgard of Birmingham, Michigan and nephew John Phillip Stafford of Bedford, Virginia. She is also survived by 4 great nieces and nephews. Maryanna was preceded in death by her brother, James "Jim" Stafford and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James R. Stafford, Sr. She was the epitomy of a Southern Lady - gracious, beautiful, kind and always dressed like a band box. Her love of family,people,dogs flowers,design,parties and bridge were exceptional - she is greatly missed. Funeral arrangements are private; in lieu of flowers, donations can be made/sent to: Blue Ridge Hospice 333 West Cork Street Suite 405 Winchester, VA 22601 Sincerely, John P. Stafford (nephew)
--Geraldine Thompson (Sept. 21, 1995)
A very intelligent girl; great to be around.
--Margaret Thwaites (Dec 17, 2009)
Margaret was voted Best Athlete by '51 class members. Also while not voted on she was certainly one of our Best Classmates.
--Carl Vest (Feb 19, 1996)
--Merritt Weikel (2010)
Merritt (Mert) passed Dec 8, We talked with him on the chat Thursday night, that was the last time I talked with him. He put much effort in trying to get all of our classmatges to join the Alumz site. He and I both lived in Texas and retired from the Air Force at Randolph AFB. We both graduated from South West Texas State University after we retired from the Air Force. He really enjoyed talking about anythin Narrows or Giles County. He will be missed. He was one of my very best friends. R.D. Totten class of 54.
--Richard White (July 29, 2002)
A friendly person with a quick smile.

--Mary Jane (Kirk) Reid (Nov 9, 2005)
--David Clark Foltz (7 January 2006)
A warm and caring person, athletically gifted, who achieved equally in the Academic World. A man of good humor who never allowed a laugh to pass him by.
--Harry Gautier (Mar 25, 2010)
--Norma (Lambert) Brown Lambert (May 14, 2006)
--Walter Lee 'Snooky' Pence (11 November 2006)
Snooky could easily have been called your average teenager in high school. He was on the football team, played drums in the HS band, played his own harmonica and rode a motorcycle like a pro. His face always seemed to be frozen in a warm and friendly smile. I can't recall anyone who did not call him friend....... mert weikel NHS'51
--J. P. Roach (1957)
--Ada Meadows Robertson (June 30, 2004)
--Larry Slusser (1971)
Good friend--went to Houston with me one summer and stayed

--Billy Ray Allen (February 7, 2007)
--Bette Hare (May 2002)
Full of life and inspiration, and this wonderful aunt will never be forgotten.
--Winston Ring ()ct 28,2010)
He was my brother, a kind and gentle man and I loved him very much. Beverly Wesley -1951
--Jean Elizabeth Spangler (July 28, 2007)
Always a friendly smile for everyone.
--Billy Albert Tiller (April 12, 2008)
I remember Billy as a really good guy during our school years. I liked him a lot.

--Joyce Bradley
--Tom D. Burgess (2010)
--Robert (Bob) Butler
--William (Bill) Butler
--Nellie (Sue) Byrd
--Mary Jo Gross
--Virginia (Betty) Hare
--Phyliss Irving
A friend--sheriff Pedro Irvings' daughter--worked at Duttons' Drugstore
--Sylvan Kinney (Apr, 2006)
A great friend who is already missed by his classmates and friends. A very enthusiastic member and booster of the class of "54"
--Bud Lambert (Nov. 22, 1989)
A great husband, father, and grandfather. He lived and loved life while he was here and we all miss him.
--Dillard (Mac) McKinney
--Shular Millirons
--Joyce ( Jo ) Price
--Donald Richardson (January 2010)
--Donald E. ( Don ) Richardson (January 2010)
--Robert ( Bob ) Riggs
--Dorcas ( Dork ) St Clair
--LaVerne Surratt (April 2010)
--Bobby ( Sharkie ) Tabor
--Charles ( Charlie ) Henry Thompson
--Shirley Warner (6 July 2011)
Shirley (Warner) Smith class of 1954, passed away Wednesday morning 6 July 2011. Shirley was a leader in our class and was a Majorete in the band. She lived in Princeton, WVA and attended all of the class reunions, She will be missed.
--Virginia Wilson
--Gene (Ichabod) C. Woolwine (Aug 19, 1990)

1954 ?
--Raymond Hill (1/20/1999)
My dad loved Narrows as we all do. He was known as "R.L." Hill. He passed away in a car accident in 1999. He was residing in Petersburg, VA. (By Lori Hill)

--Hylbert Riley (Sept 1, 2009)
I did not know Hylbert on a close personal basis but rather knew him as a fellow student at NHS. He was blessed with a wry sense of humor and you could almost guarantee a smile from him every time you met. mw

--Mary Linkous (July 26, 2005)
Mary was the beloved wife of my dear friend, Lasher Ott--she contracted lung cancer this year--Lesher and their 3 daughters need our comfort, prayers, and love

--Jerry Atwell
A good friend in High school.
--Tom Lloyd (March 27th 2009)
Tom was a man who was well liked and highly thought of througout his community. A man who loved his family and who was a faithful and unselfish care-giver. He enjoyed the NHS Alumz chats and was a valued contributor to the tales spun therein. Stated simply, He will be missed. m.w.
--Bill Mullins
Good friend when I was a teenager. He went to Houston with me one summer.

1956 Graduate
--Buddy E. Wilkinson (17 April, 2009)
I'd like to say a word about my little brother, Buddy E Wilkinson, who passed from this life 17 April,2009. These few sentences will be narrowed to a single theme...the PAST. "Bud" spent his entire life, until the very end, living in the place he liked best of all...back there in the 1940's and 1950's. He watched from that vantage point and made no attempt to journey through the decades with the rest of us. I knjow he smiled as the gap opened ever-wider between his "past" and this modern era. He preferred Hank Williams, Hopalong Cassidy and Roy Rogers instead of the junk we've had to endure since the mid-1960's. The smut grows ever more vulgar with each passing year. Let's assume Heaven is partitioned off into our 3 tenses, PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.Spiritual Beings searching for Buddy E Wilkinson should look in the PAST section. That's where he'll be found. Still smilin' about it all... Come to think of it, the 1950's were innocent times. "Good and fun times"... M.L.Wilkinson NHS Class of 1947

--Mary Linkous-Ott Linkous (2005)
I remember Sugar Linkous as a wonderful person and with a family (Mom and Dad) just as wonderful. I remember when she moved to Narrows and there times when I visited her home when we would go to her room to chat, she would sit on the little dresser stool in front of the dresser with her back to the mirror and we would brush her long hair 100 strokes, she did this every evening. She will be missed and I was terribly saddened when I learned of her passing. Just to let Lesher and the girls know that they are in our constant prayers. God Speed. Dottie

--Margie Bowles (March 2005)
--Andrew (Jack) Clark (07/09/2011)
--Donnie Conley
--Bobby (Roby) Gautier
I think it was about a couple of years ago that Bobby passed away(Bobby was voted Most Handsome in the Class of '57) and about a year later his wife passed away (Reba (Robertson/Gautier) and her twin sister recently passed away 2/2005 and then the next night their brother passed away,his name was Waddie Robertson, and services are tonight for Raymond Robertson. All relatives. Your prayers are requested for the families.
--H. D. Houchins
He was a wonderful friend and I am so sorry he is not here to enjoy this site with us.
--Mary (Sugar) Linkous (2005)
Although she did not graduate at NHS, she was a friend and classmate of so many of us during 1955 - 1956. Married Lesher Ott in 1960. She died of Lung canceer in July, 2004.
--Eula Mae Marshall
I learned from her Pastor last summer that Eula Mae had passed away, and had a long illness. Eula Mae was a very quite gal in school but a dear and loyal friend.
--Jimmy Richardson
Jimmy was a good friend at nhs. We went to usmc together.
--Barbara Ring
Barbara was a great person, always pleasant and a good friend.
--Pete Thompson
Friend in high school--think died in a car wreck 1955
--Ronnie Tiller (2005)
I talked with my sister last evening and she had been to the funeral home and said Ronnie Tiller had passed, he had been suffering with cancer for sometime.....I remember him living on the same street as Sugar Linkous when she moved to Narrows. Remember Granny Tiller talking to all of us.
--Gene Weikel

--Jerry Akers (unknown)
--William 'Ike' Archer (2011)
Ike married Harriett Johnson, became a Plant Superintendent in the Textile Industries of NC. Quiet, and still waters ran deep.
--Charles Bird (unknown)
--Irma Blevins (unknown)
--Bill Cook
Good friend when I was a teenager.
--Patrick Cupp (unknown)
--James Epling (unknown)
--Chris Hinrichs (unknown)
--T.E. Oney (unknown)
--James Perdue (unknown)
Our classmates of 1958 were remembered in a Memorial Service during our recent 50th reunion, June 20 and 21, 2008. Each one contributed uniquely to our lives.
--Rita Robertson (unknown)
--James Smith (unknown)
--Becky Smith (2007)
Becky died after a long and courageous battle with cancer.
--Sam StClair (unknown)

--Donald Hoge Albert, Jr.
Name and Picture summit for the 45th. class reunion 8-7-224 for the memorial table.
--Kenneth Jackson Clark
Name and picture submitted for 45th class reunion 8-7-2004 for memorial table.
--James Eppling (2006)
--Barbara Ann Frazier (7-2-2001)
Name and picture submitted at 45th. class reunion 8-7-2004 for memorial table. She married Melvin Brumfield.
--Gleen David Godfrey
--Edwin Green
All of the names submitted for class of 1959-45th reunion on 8-7-2004 for the memorial table was submitted by Luther Jerry Harris.
--Larry Ferrell Hale
Name and picture submitted at our 45th.class reunion 8-7-2004 for the memorial table
--Burford Ray Harless
Name and picture submitted at 45th. class reunion 8-7-2004 for the memorial table
--Mack Donald Johnson
--David Noel Martin
Name and picture submitted for 45th class reunion 8-7-2004 for memorial table.
--Michael Wesley Myers
Name and Picture submitted for 45th class reunion 8-7-2004 memorial table
--Ronald L. Tiller
Name and picture submitted at 45th. class reunion 8-7-2004 for memorial table.
--Gene Allen Tracy
Name and Picture submitted at 45th class reunion 8-7-2004 for memorial table.

--Judith (Judy) Karen Bradley (2/17/98)
In memory of my sister.. Judy was taken suddenly as a result of a heart attack.
--Lois Wilkerson Dunford
Bud Wilkersons' wife--Junior Dunfords' sister
--Martha Margaret Mullins Blankenship (1/23/98)
So sweet and always wearing a smile. Deeply missed by her sole surviving son, Butch.
--John Thompson (2003)
We miss you.

--Buddy Blankenship
A friend of mine but a better friend of my brother, Jack Dye--Buddy went to Houston one summer with me
--Jack Dye (1982)
My brother--died in 1982 in Denver, Co.
--Bill Gilmore, Jr. (2003)
--Doris Ring (June 10, 2005)
Kind,caring,a good person.

--Cheryl Chambers (Sept 2008)
Cheryl was taken away from us much too early. She fought Cancer with determination and a smile on her face. We miss her so very much.....
--Donald Hall (August 7, 2006)
Don you are truly missed. You were a nice person.
--Robert (Bob) Meredith (May 21, 2006)
I just wanted to put "In Memory" of my brother, Bob. I think he would of graduated in 1963 but he quit school his junior year and later got his GED. There were so many of his old buddies that came to his Wake that I remember coming to our house when I was a little girl. Bob was a good brother (always told you what he thought which I always admired and respected about him). He was a great and attentive son to his Mother. The love of his life and his wife, Nancy, had been by his side for 40 years. He also leaves his precious daughter, Kim to cherish his memory. He will be greatly missed by all especially his granddaugher, Amie.
--Eddie Montgomery (Nov. 1, 2006)
Eddie Montgomery, son of Sam & Mildred Montgomery died on November 1, 2006 from cancer. He was married Gaynelle Blankenship. Gaynelle has been dead for several years, and she was a graduate of NHS.

--Diane Blankenship (1964 or 65)
Diane died of heart disease shortly following graduating.
--Lanny East (??)
Lanny loved fun and made everyone around him have fun. He was a very special guy.
--Wayne Greene
Wayne was a good friend to everyone..
--Larry L. Hall (2007, October )
Rest in peace Larry. You are home now.
--Larry Hall (Oct. 2007)
a really nice guy from our class
--Sammy Hite (1964)
Died suddenly at Bluefield College, about 3 months following graduation.
--Staunton (Salty) McNeil (1964)
One of the nicest guy's ever.. Was killed in a car accident about a month following graduation. There will never be another "Salty"
--Everette Robertson (February 17, 2009)
My Uncle Everette passed awya from cancer on February 17. He was a wonderful peron and he will forever be missed!!
--Jerry Stewart (??)
Jerry was everybodies friend. He was fun and spread his cheer to everyone
--Daniel (Danny) Turner (1970)
"Tater" was a hoot! He was a "wild and crazy" guy, but if he liked you, he was a loyal and true friend. I miss him to this day!

--Vicky B. Woodson (2003)
Who could ever forget you!
--W. Scott Bonham (Feb.5 2012)
--William(Billy) Bouldin (May21, 2011)
--Alice Hare Gunter (2004)
--Ronald Eugene Richardson (2006)
I just found out today from Ronnie's uncle that he passed away March 18, 2006. Ronnie we will miss you.
--Waddie Robertson (2005)
Miss you!
--Kathy Safran Richardson (2003)
--Martha Seldomridge (Nov 2005)
Although Martha graduated from Giles she never forgot her Narrows roots. In fact, although very ill this summer of 2005,she attended the 40th Class Reunion. I'll never forget how beautiful she was nor the heroic effort she made to have one last fling with her old high school chums.
--Dan Smith (2004)
--Patsy Joan Smith (Wright) (2009)
Born in November 1946, Narrows, Virginia. Died June 8, 2009 in Roanoke Virginia. Husband Jay Wright (Class of 1960)and parents Margaret and Charles Smith, brothers Charles and Jimmy now deceased. Leaves 1 daugher, Wendy, two sons, Derrick and Stacy and 5 grandchildren, two sisters, Tammy and Sue. Rest in peace dear one.

--Barbara Bowles (2012)
She is greatly missed by all her family and friends.
--George Hughs (2007)

--Maury Bowles (April, 2004)
Maury was so full of humor and always kept us laughing. He is sadly missed by his wife, Kathy Hayworth Bowles , son, Brian, daugher, Misty and 3 grandchildren - Taylor, Payton, & Cade.

--Eddie (Harvey) Johnson
Harvey was one of a kind,he was a best friend that will never be forgotten.
--Steve Shires (03/12/06)
--Mattie Turner Wiley
So quiet & thoughtful
--James Wood

--Stanley Wall (march 28 1993)
Stanley left us too soon. He died at 40 of a heart attack. He loved sports he played football he was liked by all we miss him so much he was agood father husband and brother. He left us to soon he didn't get to see his grand children.

--Doug Bowles (2003)
Doug was best all around person. He didn't know a stranger and kept us laughing all the time. He was super electrician, and best cousin. We all miss him so much, his family and friends. He was one of my favorite cousins. The family reunions are not the same without him. Melinda Tabor

--Richard Johnston (1977)
Died near Princeton in a car accident
--Russell Lowe (1997)
--Gary Medley (1970)
Drowned up Wolf Creek at a family picnic
--Shelby Stables (1989)
Died along with her 2 young daughters in a horrific car accident when they were struck from behind by a 18 wheeler at stop light to Mercer Mall. The driver got a slap on the wrist!
--William Turner (1978)

--Louise Bonham
--Jimmy Martin
--Doug Mullins
--Timmy Parker (1974)
Timmy joined the army after graduation. He was on his way home on a short leave. He called his mother, who lived in Pearisburg, as he passed through Narrows and said I'm on my way home. I'll be there in a few minutes. He was killed in a car accident just below the Celanese Plant, at the 'bad spot' on Rt 460 and never made it to his mother's home.
--Michael Sparks (2013)
Will be dearly missed by all.
--Donnie Whittaker (1987)

--John Mark Charlton (August 6, 2005)
--Phillip Meadows Meadows

--Ike King (1991)
Ike was one of my very best friends in high school and a great person to be around. He was one of the best and i miss his great since of humor.
--Frank Mullins
Van was a quiet man, he had a kind and gential soul, and is thought of by those that knew him.
--Diane Runions
Diane passed away right after she turned 40 of cancer . She was a good, caring person and I will remember her always.
--Wanda Wall (February 24,1993)
Wanda Carol Wall Akers, Wanda was a wonderful,full of life person, she passed away at the younge aga of 32, and is thought of and missed by her classmates of the classmates of 1975

--Regina Caldwell
--Randy Hughes
--Pam King
--Kim Lineweaver
--Mike Martin
--Randy McKinny (June 2005)
I've just learned that Randy McKinny, Son of Ilene (Williams)McKinny and the late Dillard McKinny has died in a Va. hospital. Randy was a former Navy Seal, his Mom Ilene still resides in Narrows. Randy is also the nephew of one of our 1957 class mates, Naomi McKinny/Blankenship.
--Chris Morgan
--Kathy Myers
--Steve Whitt

--Timmy Meredith (May, 25, 2006)
Tim lost his battle with diabetes after undergoing his 18th surgery. He had 17 surgeries prior to where he had toes removed, part of his feet, his fingers. He had been on dialysis for awhile and was hoping for on a kidney transplant. Through all the surgeries and loss of body parts, he always kept his sense of humor. He lived his life to the fullest and you never could be sad when he was around as he so funny and full of life. He will be sadly missed.
--Brian Turner (Sept. 22,2005)
Brian's older brother Miles also died this year

--Jeff Kidd (1977)
We shared soom chew we shared some beers we shared some laughs gone too soon and still missed.
--J.B. King (2002)
Good-by to the funniest guy I ever knew you are solely missed.
--Gene Lambert (2006)
Good by friend

--Brenda Akers (June 30, 2009)
--Rusty Coffman (2003) shows his fight with cancer and what a good person he was, he will be missed by many..
--Robert 'Rusty' Coffman (2003)
Rusty was one of those folks who will live on in the hearts of all who knew him. He was a friend to everyone he met and was very compassionate. He left this world too soon.
--Ricky Frazier
--Rowena Hager (2003)
--David King (july 2, 2009)
--Becky Neely (2008)
--Timmy Riddle (2008)
--Mike Riley
Mike was a great guy...always the life of the party. The class of 79 miss him!
--Hager Rowena
Rowena was a very sweet and special girl. She never had a bad word to say about anyone....she ws respectful and caring. Another classmate that left this world too soon.

--Tommy Carter (2004)
--David Dancy (12.18.2004)
Thinking of you....classmate Tracey F. Haney
--Timothy Dewayne Blankenship (3/23/96)
So full of life! There were no strangers, only friendships to be made. A great love for his pets and flower gardens, which were a splendor to behold. Our Lord needed a new gardener there in Heaven and called Tim home far too young we thought. Sadly missed but always remembered.
--Jabe 'Butch' Ferguson (1995)
--Eileen McKenzie (2003)
Eileen was a very special friend. She loved her family and loved life.
--Lloyd Dale Trent (unknown)
--Tammy Meredith Whitlow (2011)

--Richard T. (Rick ) Cook (September 25, 2008)
Rick Cook was a good, good man. mlw---class of 1947
--Anthony Meadows

--Tony Bradley (1982)
--Jeff Fisher
--Lisa Ganoe (2003)
Lisa Ganoe was my aunt and she was a very outgoing, fun loving person. Her memory will live on through her two children, Lane and Stephanie. She is greatly missed by all her family and friends.
--Angela Martin (July 4, 2006)
--Susan Sartin

--Todd Davis
--Susan Smith (2010)
--Randy Wiley

--Dale Phillips (1985)
Dale was killed in a vehicle accident in June of 1985 on the Lurich Road between the train culvert and the Appalachian Power Plant in Glen Lyn.
--Scott Ratcliffe
--Michelle Robertson

--Cathy Calilung (1996)
She loved her family and friends. She loved animals. She loved to sing, dance and celebrate special occasions. In such a short time, she accomplished much - but most all, she gave us wonderful memories of life.

--Missy Perdue (nov 10 19 93)
Missy was a good friend and cousin and a good mother she died to young of cancer we was best friends and family and she loved to laugh and was friendly

--Leigh Ann Copeland (1998)
She did not graduate from Narrows High School, but she was there until 11th grade. I lived across the street from her. She was a great friend to me. She is greatly missed and thought of often.
--Randy Fields (Nov. 11, 2007)
Randy Fields was killed in a tractor trailer accident in Oklahoma. Randy left behind a daughter, Carly, and many brothers and sisters.

--Walkie Blankenship (2008)
He is still very missed and loved very much!

--Roger Fleeman (November 2003)
Roger passed away in a car accident. He left behind his wife Sherry and daughter Brooke and his family and friends to cherish his memory. He will be missed by all.
--Julie Perdue

--Kathy McGraw (June 29, 2006)
Kathy McGraw Dotson was killed in a car accident on I-77 on June 29, 2006. She leaves behind her husband Russ, a daughter Megan, and a son Dylan.

--Trelby Cecil (2008)
I could not get the email link to work. Trelby was class of 1993 though. He was like a brother to me and it was pretty cool to see him on here. He was a war vet and served our country proudly!

--Neal Dennis
Strong will, strong mind and strong heart. Neal always did what he wanted and never pretended to be someone he was not. He was such a great friend and never judged anyone for their own beliefs. He left this world tragically early and will always be remembered.

--Melissa Lawrence (March 1, 2004)
Melissa died in a car accident along with her neice Lexi. I know they are both missed very much. Melissa left behind a husband Kelly and a beautiful daughter Gracie. Melissa was great in just about every sport she ever played and was a very outgoing young lady..

--Stephanie Dunford (Oct 2005)
Stephanie passed away in Oct. of 2005 of throat cancer.
--Samantha (Sam) Thompson (2003)
Samantha Ann Thompson lost her life long battle to Cystic Fibrosis in June of 2003. She was 23 years old. Samantha lived her life to the fullest and made many friends along the way. She is greatly loved and missed. She was my best friend for all of our school years, Headstart to Graduation. I miss you!!! Andrea

--April Burton (September 25,2004)
April passed away all of a sudden,she is missed so much from family and friends.April had a love for Green Wave and Va Tech Football teams.Most of all,her life was her daughter Audrey Snow Gusler.
--Jeff Clendinin (Maybe 95)
Jeff was killed in a vehicle wreck up mountain lake.
--Jeffrey Holdren
Jeffrey "Chuck" Holdren

--T.J. Vaughn (2002)
T.J. was killed in a car wreak in 2002. T.J. was a very sweet guy and is missing by his family and friends dearly.

--Jarrett Lane (2007)
Jarrett: You were taken from us before your time. You accomplished a lot in your short time with us. You are greatly missed.
--Grant Meadows (2006)
the posted death of ronald grant meadows is not showing the class year he was in.the year is 2003

--Marvin (Eddie) Sullivan (2008)
Eddie or Ed was married to Vivian Carol Hare Sullivan and together they had 4 children that he loved very much.He wasn't just a father he was my Daddy and we miss him like crazy he passed in his sleep March 1 2008 at home with his arms around Carol. He is proceed by his oldest son Marvin Jr.

Class of 1959
--William Franklin(Billy) Heslep,Jr. (9-14-2008)
He was a good friend and a neighbor when we were in High School and lived on Wolf Street in Narrows, Va. Jerry Harris

Either 95 or 96
--Trelby Cecil (March 2008)
I am not sure what year that he graduated from NHS (95 or 96 I think). He served in the US Army for several years and was on foreign soils. I am grateful to him for his services & am sorry for his family's loss.

--Andrew Robertson (April 6th 1991)
A wonderful loving man who loved to make people laugh and his children and grandchildren. was a vet in world war II

Oct 18,2006
--Grant Meadows
Giles County firefighters had to respond to a fatal accident involving one of their own this morning. The wreck on Northview Street in Narrows was discovered around 8:00 a.m. State Police say 21-year-old Ronald Grant Meadows ran off the side of the road, down a 75-foot embankment and ended up in a creek. Meadows died at the scene. Meadows was a volunteer firefighter in Narrows, going to school to be a professional firefighter. He was also on a four-wheeler racing team with fellow volunteer firefighters. They say they'll dedicate every race this season. Grant always brought a smile to everyone that knew him.and will be misssed by many.

--Ralph Thompson (Feb. 23, 2006)
Ralph was the husband of Carol Bradley/Thompson, Carol was a 1957 graduate of Narrows High Schoo. Dottie Mascaro

--Cecil Blankenship (2010)
My Father Cecil Carl Blankenship, passed away at home in Anchorage Alaska, November 1, 2010 of a heart attack. I'm not sure when he graduated from Narrows. He was married to Marge, and had two sons, Karl(died in 1992 age 24), and Chris (living in Anchorage, AK), and daughter Linda.

--Jeffrey Clendenin (1995)
passed as quickley as a summer storm ,,but forever left behind a memory no one will forget

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